Tis the season… To get sick?

healthy-eating-for-children3 Ways to Stay HEALTHY this Holiday Season.

Is it the colder weather that tags along with the holiday season that causes common colds or the Flu?  I don’t think so. Cold weather doesn’t determine the stamina of your immune system- your health behaviors do. Follow these easy tips to AVOID participating in cold and Flu season- and together let squash the cold weather myth.

exercise-heart1) This time of year can be the busiest.  We hope and pray for more hours to get everything done but between kid’s plays and grown-up parties, shopping, decorating, and entertaining, there’s just not enough time.  First thing to fall off our “to-do” list?  Exercise. Saying we can put this off until the first of the year is just inviting your immune system to weaken and thus be more susceptible to getting sick.  So continue exercising!

2) Ohh those holiday parties! Yes, I’ll say it- I love it all. But with the season’s availability of alcoholic beverages and delicious but rich, not-so-good-for-you food, we end up consuming too many calories.  These poor food choices lead to a decrease in immune function leaving you vulnerable to sickness. Now I am the first to say that planning a cheat day is a good strategy, but don’t use the season as an excuse for a cheat month (or more!). Look for our next post from Tara for healthy holiday meals that are delicious and will keep your immune system stellar.

3) With the craziness of the season, can you guess who gets the shortest end of the cinnamon stick?  That’s right- Ourselves.  Chronic stress levels have been shown to be Scrooge-like to an immune system.  Enjoy the season by keeping in mind the true spirit of the holidays- to embrace family and loved ones and be grateful for all that life has provided.  To keep stress levels in check, schedule your massage,  join one of our Tai Chi classes, let Tara our Dietitian guide you to eat right and talk to Calvin, one of our fantastic trainers, to get your sweat on.  And don’t forget to continue your chiropractic maintenance treatments as well- this is no time to back off prevention!

Follow these simple tips and avoid falling victim to cold and FLU season. If you have any questions or are looking for the perfect gift-certificate to help others regain their health, our team of professionals are eager to help.

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