A New You- or just a Better You

Do you need a “New” you or a just a “Better” version of you?  Nobody wants to be unhealthy, sick or destined for disabilities but with life’s routines and reliance on convenience its easy to fall into pitfalls of un-health. But being a “Better” You (and therefore a healthier you) is easier than you think.  Here are some tips to get you going.

#1 Start Right Now.  This means don’t wait until January to get up and do a new exercise you have never done before, try a new healthy meal that you have been meaning to, or see your doctor for your yearly checkup.  There will always be reasons to procrastinate but none of them are beneficial to your health.

#2 Set Up Realistic Goals. Losing 50 pounds by Christmas or hoping to run a marathon in 6 months if you are new to fitness is bound to disappoint.  But if holding your grandchildren without low back pain, or enjoying walks around the block without fatigue sounds more your speed, start with that.  You’ll feel great and likely be able to do more than you imagined.

#3 Put Together a Game Plan…with an emphasis on the word PLAN.  When it comes to eating right, my wife and I take a good chunk of our Sundays to PLAN for the week. We strategize weekday breakfasts, snacks throughout the week and end with Saturday night dinner. We even schedule in “cheat days” (since who doesn’t need those?). We then have a family outing to our local Sprouts and Costco and come home to prep which includes cutting, washing, and bagging our veggies- together.

Now you are probably saying to yourself “I don’t have time to do all that!” but you do..and should.  If you are eating meals all week, you are likely preparing each night or in a rush, opting for drive-through.  Pre-planning, purchasing and prepping once on a Sunday, actually SAVES time (and money!).  But the truth of it is that it takes will power, commitment, and a desire to prioritize you and your family’s health.  I know about busy.  Like you, my wife and I work full time, have kids (3 of them are under 5) and my wife is completing her Masters.   Finding the time for our family’s health is important to us.  Sure convenient “snacks” like chips are easy but we wanted our expose our kids to beautifully colored fruit to encourage better choices.  Mom and Dads are the homes trend setters. What can you do/change to set a healthy example for your loved ones?

Want to hear more tips on becoming a “better” you?  Our health care team will motivate and help you on your journey to wellness.  Call or email us at 714-832-2273.

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